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    Lower Moutere School Information

    The Board of Trustees and Staff welcome you and your child to Lower Moutere School. Our school is a full primary school meaning that we cater for students from 5 – 13 years of age. We are very proud of our school, community spirit and the wonderful environment in which we foster children’s learning. The school is sensitive to the individual needs of each child and sets out to meet them.

    We extend an open door policy to you. We encourage close liaison between home and school. My door is always open to you, to discuss your child or any concerns you may have. Teachers are most willing to see parents before or after school about classroom or issues concerning your child. May you have a happy association with our school.

    Please Click On The Links Below For More Information:

    School Handbook

    2020 Lower Moutere School Annual Report

    Audit Completion report 2020

    Latest ERO Report

    Annual Financials 2021

    Strategic Plan

    School Bus Timetables: Currently the school has 3 bus runs. One from Motueka, one run serves the area of Mariri and the other known as the Waiwhero run, which serves inland Lower Moutere, extending up towards Upper Moutere.


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    If your child is gong to be absent, we request that parents notify the office before 8.45am by either phoning 5267775 (you can leave a message on the answerphone), emailing or text -027 339 8801.


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    Our school week starts with an assembly on Monday morning. This is to set the scene for the week, share notices and other announcements. We have a full school assembly every week on Friday at 2.20pm. The classes share presentations and we welcome parents and caregivers to attend.

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    Lower Moutere School Bank Details

    ASB  12 - 3158 - 0184739 - 00

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    Behaviour Management - Working Together

    Positive encouragement and support is provided to children who display initiative and common sense. We encourage children to take responsibility for their own actions and to respect the rights and feelings of others. School-wide Relationship Management procedures are used to allow staff and students to work in a positive, constructive and peaceful environment. 

    At Lower Moutere Primary we - 

    • take responsibility for our own behaviour and treat others with respect. 
    • treat our environment with care. 

    To be the best that we can be, we are respectful citizens of our school.


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    Lower Moutere SchoolBoard Of Trustees

    We have a great Board of Trustees, who work alongside the staff and Principal, governing the school. Our trustees are:

    Nellie Bell - Presiding Member & Maori Rep
    Daisy Cole - Deputy Presiding Member & Parent Rep
    Chris Bascard - Principal
    Eric Gardner - Treasurer
    Mike Lynch - Staff Rep
    Heather Baigent - Parent Rep
    Casey Fordyce - Parent Rep
    Rachelle Parkins - Parent Rep
    Tamanui Uerata - Parent Rep
    Sue Saville - Board Secretary              

    The Board meet twice a term – dates are advertised in the school newsletter, and on the website calendar.

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    Communication With The School

    We have an open door policy, and welcome input from parents and caregivers. As teachers have class responsibilities it is necessary to make an appointment through the school office. If a matter is causing you considerable concern or dissatisfaction, or if you do not know whom you should approach about any matter, senior members of staff are available.

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    Schools in New Zealand are required to have teaching programmes, which incorporate the New Zealand Curriculum. We regularly consult with our community about aspects of the curriculum that are seen as particularly important.

  • Cycle Safety Open or Close

    Cycle Safety

    Year 6 children get the opportunity to understand the rules of road safety. The Tasman District Council and Police take our pupils through a graduated programme of Safe Cycling. The school encourages students to cycle to school if they are 10years or older – independently. It is great to have parents cycling with students, if they are younger.

  • Hours Open or Close

    Lower Moutere SchoolHours

    8.50 am - 10.20 am Morning Classes
    10.20 am – 10.40 am Morning Tea Break
    10.40 am - 12.30 pm Morning Classes
    12.30 pm - 1.15 pm Lunch Break
    1.15 pm – 2.50 pm Afternoon Classes

  • Opportunities for Extension & Enrichment Open or Close

    Opportunities For Extension And Enrichment

    • Music through our specialist teacher
    • Maths and writing extension in conjunction with Motueka High School
    • Otago University Problem Solving Competition
    • Australian Competitions in English and Maths
    • Speech Competitions
    • Sporting events

  • Sport Open or Close


    The school is in the Moutere cluster and participates in competitive sports within the Moutere and Motueka district. We are very fortunate to have an 18m heated swimming pool where water safety and swimming can be taught in ideal conditions. We also have an extra large field area, where a variety of sports are taught – with the support of sport Tasman, and our skilled staff. Although sport is competitive the school’s main emphasis is on the teaching of skills.


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    Lower Moutere SchoolSuncare

    Every summer in terms 1 and 4 children are made aware of the dangers of over exposure to the sun. We insist children wear appropriate sunhats and sunblock between the hours of 10.00 am and 3.00 pm.

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    Lower Moutere School Term Dates 2024

    Term 1 : Tuesday 30th January – Friday 12th April
    (Nelson Anniversary Monday 29th January, Waitangi Day Tuesday 6th February)
    Easter: Good Friday 29th March, Easter Monday 1st April, Easter Tuesday 2nd April)

    Term 2: Monday 29th April – Friday 5th July
    (King’s Birthday Monday 3rd June, Matariki Friday 28th June)

    Term 3: Monday 22nd July – Friday 27th September

    Term 4: Monday 14th October - Friday 13th December
    (Labour Day Monday 28th October)

  • Uniform Open or Close


    The school does have a compulsory school uniform. All items are available at Whitwells, Motueka 03 5288310 . Sun hats are available from the school office.

Getting in touch

Absentee Messages: 027 339 8801

03 526 7775

8 School Road RD2,
Upper Moutere, Nelson, 7175